Topeka, Kan. — Washburn University School of Law and Emporia State University proudly announce a new partnership aimed at elevating legal education, fostering community engagement and empowering aspiring legal professionals across Kansas. This partnership will allow students to complete a bachelor’s degree as well as a law degree in six years.

    The 3+3 program, where students spend three years at each school, is the fifth such agreement between Washburn Law and other Kansas institutions including Washburn University, Baker University, Fort Hays State University and Pittsburg State University. Like the other partnerships, this collaboration between the two institutions underscores their shared commitment to excellence, innovation and service to their communities.

    Washburn University President JuliAnn Mazachek expressed excitement about the opportunities this partnership presents. “At Washburn, we believe in the transformative power of legal education to shape future leaders and advance the public good,” Mazachek said. “By joining forces with Emporia State, we are poised to create new pathways for students to explore the law, engage with their communities and make a meaningful impact in Kansas and beyond.”

    Chief Justice Marla Luckert, representing the Kansas Supreme Court, emphasized the importance of programs like these. “Kansas faces a critical shortage of attorneys that results in an access to justice barrier for Kansans who need legal advice,” she said.  “The new partnership between Emporia State University and Washburn University School of Law provides the opportunity for Emporia State students to get a degree faster and with less expense and will hopefully encourage more of them to become attorneys. The students will benefit, Kansas will benefit and Kansans will benefit.”

    Kansas, with exceptions in the Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka and Lawrence metro areas, faces challenges in ensuring widespread access to legal services due to a shortage of attorneys. This partnership aims to address these challenges by expanding educational opportunities, enhancing community engagement, and cultivating a more diverse and inclusive legal profession.


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Karli Davis
Director of Marketing Communications
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