Washburn Tech student creates book cover artwork for local author

Topeka, Kan. – The words in a book tell the story, but it’s often the cover that makes the reader stop and take notice. 
Such is the accomplishment of Bailey Coon, a graphics technology student at Washburn University Institute of Technology, who was recognized today for developing the cover of a new book, “Fighting Covid-19, The Unequal Opportunity Killer,” written by Topeka physician Irving A. Cohen, M.D.  

From the beginning of the pandemic, Cohen recognized that the differential risk of serious illness and death was modifiable and wanted to alert the public that they are not helpless, whether their increased risk is associated with age, race or pre-existing chronic illness. He wanted to give readers new insights into living a productive life during the era of Covid-19. 

While writing the text was his forte, he knew that devising a cover that would carry the impact of the message was not.  After a bit of searching, Cohen became acquainted with Coon, who was inspired to produce the visual message he was looking for. Cohen said the important link between author and artist was forged by Coon’s instructor. 

“The instructor, Pam Manning, deserves a good part of that credit for taking on this project as a teaching tool for the entire class,” he said.  “Not only did this provide them a feel for work in the real world, it helps get a message out that should help many people.” 

Working on client projects is an important part of the program, Manning said, noting the program has worked with clients for many years from several new and established businesses in the Topeka area.  

‘The client projects give the students a real-world experience of following instructions and meeting deadlines. Many students can also see their artwork for clients published or printed which is a big boost,” she said.  “Bailey’s artwork on Amazon is quite an accomplishment. The fact that a student’s work is displayed on a platform with work done by professionals is huge.” 

Bailey Cohen is a graduate of Wabaunsee High School in Alma.  She is set to graduate in May. She recently secured an internship at Topeka Youth Project.  

“Fighting Covid-19, The Unequal Opportunity Killer,” by Irving A. Cohen, is available for order at Amazon.com.  



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