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Washburn University Completes 1000 Origami Cranes Project for Stormont Vail Health

       Topeka, Kan. – Seriously ill children at Stormont Vail Health will soon receive 1,000 paper cranes to wish them well, due to the efforts of Washburn University students, faculty and staff. Washburn University students enrolled in two sociology courses created these cranes to honor an East Asian cultural tradition. One thousand paper cranes are often given to a person who is seriously ill to represent wishes for their recovery.

       The cranes will be donated to the pediatrics center at Stormont Vail on Thursday, Oct. 31. Prior to donation, the cranes will be displayed in Memorial Union on Washburn’s campus, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The project was a Washburn community effort as students, faculty, and staff worked together to make the cranes. Sangyoub Park, associate professor of sociology and anthropology, teaches the sociology courses that lead the project.

       “I like to develop a project which can help students get involved in the Topeka community. Combining my classes, “East Asia” and “The Family,” I created the 1,000 origami crane project,” said Park. “We could have made 1,000 cranes by ourselves, but the collective effort of the Washburn community is more meaningful and strengthens the power of the paper cranes project.”

       Park and Japanese international students taught students in the sociology courses how to fold paper cranes. The students were then able to give instructions to anyone who wanted to participate throughout the duration of the project.


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